Gladeyes Films is involved with a number of fiscal sponsors on not-for-profit projects, which enables donors to make contributions that are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. For more information about financial participation in any of the following works-in-progress,

please contact Peggy Stern.



The Dyslexiaville Project

Dyslexiaville is the first of its kind -- offering dyslexic children a WEB DESTINATION were they can share their struggles and successes and come to understand their dyslexia through videos, pod casts and other media WITHOUT HAVING TO READ.


D-ville is centered around the concept that children with dyslexia can have lots of FUN on the web (something most children already know) so a safe haven designed just for children with dyslexia is a place they will want to visit - not just once but over and over again.


D-ville is unique in that it addresses dyslexics' struggles by helping them FEEL less isolated, and GAIN strategies for coping with their dyslexia throughout their life. Older children can become mentors (via the web) to younger children who are just learning about their dyslexia.


D-ville will be a vital hub that helps ensure that every struggling reader gets the early intervention (s)he needs and that no child with dyslexia will feel that they are on the journey alone.



An animated adaptation, by John Canemaker, of Sherwood Anderson's short story from Winesburg, Ohio, dealing with a reclusive man who hides for fear of expessing his desires because of society's prejudice.


Stephanie, Continued (working title) 

Feature length documentary  following up on the award winning 1987 film Stephanie, which was broadcast nationally on PBS. Stephanie has turned her life around. Once a high school drop - out at age 45 she has now finished college, has two children and is trying to figure out how to make it all work.  The film will weave together footage filmed over the past thirty years to tell the story of how and why this young woman perseveres with her education and where it is taking her.


Palliative Care Documentary (working title)

This feature length documentary takes an intimate look at the training of doctors and the year-in-the-life of  New York City's first Palliative Care floor, at Mount Sinai Hospital. It will follow a group of physicians as they train to develop essential communication skills, in order to help patients understand their options relating to chronic and or terminal illness.